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Grinding Terminals - CCG Plant

Loesche’s new Compact Cement Grinding Plant (CCG) is more than just a plant – it is your business model for cement production.

Cost-effective and flexible, LOESCHE’s new Compact Cement Grinding (CCG) plant b rings new opportunities for your cement production business.

For over a century LOESCHE has been at the forefront of developing grinding technology to meet the cement industry’s needs. Built on this experience the new CCG plant is designed specifically for markets that currently have only limited cement-production capacity but also need a highly flexible system that can produce a whole range of cements.

And that is not all – the LOESCHE CCG plant provides the answer for both start-up operations and where there is demand for locally produced cement in small but growing markets around the world. Or you can use a CCG plant to increase the grinding capacity at your existing production facilities.

To make it even more versatile, you can specify additional equipment that will expand the standard CCG plant into a stand-alone system that can handle the complete grinding and cement-loadout process. Whatever you choose the CCG plant’s modular concept means short delivery times with minimised installation and commissioning. The bottom line? You’re in the market quickly with profitable production.

A new market emerges? No problem either as the complete CCG plant can be relocated to start production wherever the market is!

The CCG is a small scale grinding plant designed to produce different types of cement. At its heart – LOESCHE’s well-proven, state-of-the art LM 24.2 CS vertical roller mill.

From the feed hoppers, clinker or slag is conveyed to the mill with the finished product being separated in a high-efficiency classifier and collected in the baghouse system filter. Loadout options include either a bulk-loading facility or a packing plant – or, where the market is suitable, a combination of both systems. You specify.

LOESCHE will supply all the plant equipment, including the structural steel and the electrical, control and instrumentation (EC & I) system, as a turnkey (EPC) or semi-turnkey (EP) package. Modular construction means quick installation and production is under way!

What the CCG plant offers

For your business:

  • Quick market entry, with production start-up in less than a year
  • You can test new markets at low risk and investment
  • The plant can produce mixed cement and grind 100% slag
  • The modular design provides flexibility to meet changing market needs

For your operation:

  • Reliable, proven equipment
  • Low specific energy consumption and total installed power
  • Output products can be changed easily and quickly
  • Easy maintenance, with good accessibility


For the future:

  • The complete plant can be relocated in a few weeks
  • No special transport equipment is needed
  • LOESCHE can provide full EP C and plant operation services in specific markets

Quick installation. Simple maintenance. Lower costs.

Offering the full benefits of modular construction the LOESCHE CCG plant can be up and running quickly and cost-effectively. All you need to do is to prepare the site – once there, assembly and commissioning takes a few weeks. And once in production, maintenance is straight-forward, with the mill designed so that wear parts like the roller tires and grinding track segments can be quickly and easily replaced.

The bottom line? Reduced capital investment, lower operating costs and full flexibility for your production – wherever it needs to be.

LOESCHE can run it too!  The choice is yours. If it is more convenient LOESCHE can operate and maintain the plant for you letting you concentrate on cement sales and on your company’s expansion plans.