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Reinforcement Spacers

Box Section

Double Cage Box Spacer

Designed especially for box culverts

The HawkeyePedershaab Box Section spacer is an accurate, simple, low cost method of spacing reinforcement cages in concrete box sections. The spacer connects the inner and outer cages into an integral unit of reinforcement and accurately spaces each cage from both form surfaces to achieve the specified concrete cover. Designed for use with all production processes the Box Section Spacer greatly simplifies the accurate placement of box reinforcement. The cage circumferential wires are simply spread against the spacer loops and welded. This automatically holds the cages the required distance apart, braces the cage from being forced together while the form is being filled and accurately spaces each cage from the form surfaces. A wide range of HawkeyePedershaab Box Section Spacers covering the most popular sizes of box sections are stocked for immediate shipment. Other sizes are available on special order.

Key benefits

  • Specially designed to space double cage reinforcement in box culverts

Application Data

  • Fits any mesh spacing
  • Standard sizes available for 4″ through to 12″ wall thicknesses. Larger sizes available upon request.
  • Sizes available for 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ concrete covers

Box Section
Box Section