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Pillard HeatGen System

Pillard HeatGen System is a complete range of Hot Gas Generators of sturdy and durable construction. Fives delivers packaged solution with single or double shell combustion chamber, fuel delivery system for pulverized, liquid and gaseous fuels (Pillard Fuel Systems) and all necessary accessories.

Coal grinding plants, raw meal and cement grinding plants, mineral, food and agricultural drying processes

Increased availability

Pillard HeatGen System is of sturdy and durable construction. Continuous and stable delivery of hot gases at well controlled temperature is ensured. Product quality, availability and production of the drying/grinding plant is maximized.

Multi-fuel firing

Pillard HeatGen is able to fire all conventional fuels, liquid wastes and process gases in any proportion. Premium technology burners allow a precise control of the heat flux throughout the chamber and ensure perfect flame stability. Vertical arrangement chambers are used for pulverized fuel firing in order to reduce the risk of ash melting/agglomeration on the refractory walls.

Safe and user-friendly

Pillard HeatGen has a fully automatic mode from light off to shut down sequence. It is equipped with ultimate Pillard range of self-checking flame detectors and safety temperature probes.

Key features

  • Capacities: from 1 MW to 110 MW
  • Exit temperatures: from 250°C to 1000°C
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