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Concrete Pipe Casting Machinery

Concrete Curing Systems

At HawkeyePedershaab the mission is to provide the producer with all the tools and expertise necessary for marketplace success. In many markets a key to the production of the highest quality products is to ensure the concrete products being produced are able to cure in a heat and humidity controlled environment ensuring the proper hydration of the cement and resulting in the strongest concrete.

HawkeyePedershaab offers several curing systems specifically tailored for various pipe and manhole production applications. These innovative systems include a range of designs for simple open floor curing systems up to continuous curing systems for fully automatic plants.

In the HawkeyePedershaab tool box there’s a system to ensure effective curing for any plant application.

Concrete Curing Systems
Concrete Curing Systems
Concrete Curing Systems

Canopy Kiln

The traditional solution to the curing of concrete pipe, manhole and box culverts is the Canopy Kiln system.

Utilised in hundreds of factories the Canopy Kiln system is economical, functional and extremely flexible in that it can be adapted to any type of building or arrangement.

Manually operated the Canopy Kiln is simple to use and even simpler to maintain with minimal moving and wearing parts.

The Canopy Kiln system folds up against the kiln wall throughout the production process and when the kilns are full the overhead crane is used to deploy the curtains and cover the pipes at which point steam may or may not be introduced in the system depending on the wishes of the producer or the local climate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Economical
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Adaptable to any plant layout


The TeleKiln is an accordion style curtain kiln system that advances over the products in the kiln as they are produced covering them and keeping the wind and external environment from affecting the curing process.

The TeleKiln is especially popular in warm, windy climates where the ambient temperature necessitates the opening of plant doors allowing winds to blow across the products in the kilns drying them out and preventing the proper curing of the products.

The operation TeleKiln can be remote controlled and includes an optional misting system to keep the concrete products properly hydrated. The TeleKiln also has the added benefit of operating without tying up the use of the plant overhead crane.

Features & Benefits

  • Immediately covers the pipe
  • Automatic misting system
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Adaptable to any plant layout


The HawkeyePedershaab AutoKiln represents the most advanced pipe and manhole curing system in the marketplace designed for the producer who endeavours to run his factory continuously or simply desires to produce products of a world class quality.

Tailored to work in conjunction with a moving floor automatic factory, AutoKiln allows for precise, zoned, computer controlled manipulation of the temperature and humidity throughout the entire curing process including pre-cure and post-cure processes.

In addition to its ability to fully control the curing process AutoKiln uses high R-Value insulated walls and doors to reduce energy usage and prevent corrosive steam or humidity from leaking out of the system and affecting the rest of the factory.

Features & Benefits

  • Allows 24 hour continuous production
  • Complete control of curing process
  • Independent temperature and humidity control
  • Fully automatic operation