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Filter Technology & Gas Cleaning

Electrostatic Precipitator Conversions

Some years ago virtually all kiln and clinker cooler filters – as well as some cement mill filters – were the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) type. As these have become unable to live up to growing requirements relating to emission limit values as well as operational safety and availability however electrostatic precipitators across the world are steadily being converted into bag filters. Compared with electrostatic precipitators, these ensure significantly lower clean gas dust loads and a consistent degree of separation.

The result is that almost every customer today plumps for the bag filter variety when installing new kiln filters.

Electrostatic precipitator housings are generally very tall in comparison to bag filters, making them ideal for conversion to EMC filters with bags which, over time, have grown to as much as 12 m in length. Excellent use can be made of the available space without he need to extend the housing – saving costs and cutting down on assembly time as conversion can be usually carried out during a scheduled inspection.

Thanks to Scheuch’s comprehensive modular system comprising a range of filter head widths and bag lengths, it is possible to find exactly the right module for any housing dimension and thus maintain the required filter area. During the process of planning the engineering work for the conversion, a CFD flow analysis is performed where necessary in order to ensure a uniform inflow for all filter bags.