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Packerhead Upgrades
Packhead Machine Upgrades
Packerhead Machine Upgrades
Packerhead Machine Upgrades

HawkeyePedershaab understand better than anybody the investment involved in replacing an old, worn out packerhead machine – a large sum to spend just to replace your old machine with one with slightly updated technology.

HawkeyePedershaab meets the market’s need in this aspect through their full range of packerhead machine upgrades designed to provide our customers with advanced features on their old machines.

Upgrades include:

eDrive Conversions

Upgrade your existing Packerhead machines with the latest electric direct-drive rollerhead and closed loop control technology to improve output and pipe quality. Upgrade components include the eDrive system, crosshead modification package, closed-loop machine controls and robotic handling components.

Upgrade packages are available for most Packerhead makes and are designed to make use of your existing rollerhead either bi-directional and/or uni-directional.

Controls Upgrades

Closed-Loop Control System

eDrive’s closed-loop control system continuously monitors all critical production functions to ensure excellent pipe quality and productivity.

The eDrive control system uses continuous feedback from the drive’s controlling rollerhead torque and speed, rollerhead lift, toptable lift and concrete feed rate to precisely control production. This technology includes a new feed control algorithm for quicker feedback for better control.

Bell Packer Upgrades

Synchronised Four-Shaft Bell Packer

Synchronised four-shaft bell packer directs more vibration into the pallet for better bell compaction.

Locating the bell packer under the machine turntable permits┬á more robust design for increased vibration to the bottom pallet. The bell packer’s self cleaning design directs concrete to a single discharge point to facilitate clean up and removal.

Product Handling

Automated Product Handling

A full range of automated product, form and joint ring handling and processing equipment is available to minimise power.

To enhance the efficiency of machines equipped with eDrive conversion packages HawkeyePedershaab has available a full range of robotic equipment for automated transport of the finished product to and from the curing area; form demoulding and return robotic cranes; joint ring removal, cleaning, storage and retrieval manipulators; and product processing equipment including deburring, vacuum testing, marking and measuring.