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PACPAL Bag Loader

Claudius Peters are well equipped to supply all the main aspects of a turnkey plant and the necessary components relating to ‘dispatch’. The bags can be loaded individually into open or closed trucks, vessels or railway wagons and can be made available for dispatch via palletising systems with modern transportation fallback systems. Also during this phase the configuration of the plant is adjusted to individual needs and requirements.

The Claudius Peters PACPAL Loader:


  • PACPAL Bag Loader for open trucks (semi-automatic type)
  • PACPAL Bag Loader for closed trucks (semi-automatic type)
  • Electrical control and automation
  • Drive 10m – 12m
  • On request Claudius Peters will offer you as well automatic truck loading system as Complete Plant & System Solutions.
  • Loading capacity of up to 3000 bags/h depending on operator