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PACPAL Palletiser

The Claudius Peters PACPAL Palletiser Systems are worldwide known as proven technology to handle efficiently cement and building materials.


Their advantages

  • High level palletizer in state-of-the-art design
  • Modular machine concept for various requirements
  • Bag handling with highest care
  • Compact and precise stack formation for consumers convenience
  • Optimized energy consumption with most innovative drive technology
  • Depending on bag size and layer up to 5000 bags/hour



  • Suitable for the most common layer types
  • Low degree of maintenance = high degree of availability
  • Easy interactive operation and human machine interface (HMI)


Production basics

  • Capable for cement and other building materials
  • Bag weight from 5 up to 50 kg
  • Bag types: Paper/PP/PE valve, FFS and others
  • Pallet types: All industrial pallets


Special customer tailored solutions are possible on request:

  • Low or floor level palletiser
  • Robot or Robotic palletiser
  • Other projects with special requirements -please contact us-
  • on pallet
  • without pallet / palletless
  • with slip sheets on pallet and/or palletless
  • with slings on pallet and/or palletless




PACPAL Palletiser 3300


PACPAL Palletiser 4200


PACPAL Palletiser 5000


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