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Reinforcement Spacers


Plastic End Tips for Steel Reinforcement

Prevents exposed steel

HawkeyePedershaab Plas-Tips are polyethylene tips that quickly press-fit over the ends of vertical reinforcement wires or spacers to prevent the exposure of steel in concrete products. Plas-Tips are used when specifications do not permit the exposure of any steel ends; or in applications such as architectural products where surface rust stains caused by exposed steel would not be desirable.

Use on vertical reinforcement wires

Plas-Tips are often used in concrete products to cap the ends of the circumferential wires on reinforcement cages. The Plas-Tips are used where the circumferential wires contact the bottom pallet. Various sizes of Plas-Tips are available to fit different wire gauges.

Use on spacers

When specifications require it, Plas-Tips can be used to cap the end of M-Series HawkeyePedershaab Ca-Jax reinforcement spacers. This prevents the exposure of any steel contact at the product surface. Plas-Tips can also be used to cap wires that are welded to the cage for spacing purposes.

Key benefits

  • Quickly press fit over ends of vertical reinforcement wires or spacers
  • Eliminates exposed steel ends

Application Data

  • Sizes available to fit wire diameters from 0.112″ to 0.500″