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Powder Cooler

Reduces the temperature, increases the product quality.


In order to improve general or specific product quality it is often necessary to cool the finished product directly after grinding. A powder cooler from Christian Pfeiffer provides the right solution for this task. It is suitable for all powder products, grits, and circulating material from grinding plants or similar production processes.

  • Indirect heat removal using the counterflow principle: The material to be cooled has no contact with the heat removal medium.
  • Continuous and careful heat removal by means of an inside rotor that moves the material to be cooled upwards.
  • The temperature of the input material can be reduced by 40oC to 70oC.
  • If required, the cooling water can be returned to the cooling circuit using a re-cooling system.
  • A water film cools the steel cylinder from the outside.
  • Three machine sizes enable material throughputs of up to 180 t/h.
  • Their compact design enables trouble free installation in new plants as well as easy integration into existing systems.
  • Christian Pfeiffer’s engineers conduct a water analysis and determine the plant components that will be required.
Powder Cooler