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Filter Technology & Gas Cleaning

Radial Fans

Since the company was established in 1963 Scheuch has built more than 70,000 industrial grade radial fans to transport clean or exhaust air, chips and fibrous material as well as aggressive and explosive gas mixtures.

Over the years they have created and perfected a comprehensive program of roughly 1,700 fan types. These have pressure ranges from 750 Pa (4 in WC) to 30,000 Pa (80 in WC) and volume flows from 750 to 960,000 Am3/h (300 to 380,000 ACFM).

Since these fans are used in complete particulate filtration and gas cleaning systems Scheuch is well versed in a broad range of specific fan demands for many different applications. The practical hands-on experience Scheuch gain flows directly into a continuous program of ongoing development and optimization.

Radial Fans VS

The right plant concept for the perfect fan specification.

A plant’s ability to demonstrate a high level of safety and reliability is essentially dictated by its key components. The radial fan is one of the components at the heart of every extraction, deducting, exhaust and flue gas purification and pneumatic conveying plant. It helps to meet customer requirements with a level of quality that guarantees fault free operation and excellent performance between maintenance intervals.

There are three different drive types available:

  • Drive direct via motor shaft
  • Drive via belt
  • Drive via coupling up to 1,000 kW


There are also three different types of impeller:

  • Impeller for transporting clean gases
  • Impeller for transporting gases and shavings with high dust concentrations
  • Impeller for transporting fibrous material