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Minerals & Control Systems


Flexible deployment

SmartControl is a powerful and flexible software system suitable for controlling many technical processes due to its modular design. Smart Control provides a large series of “building blocks”.

All blocks can be combined in order to build sophisticated closed loop control systems for process industries.

Handling of these blocks is very easy mainly by graphical manipulation and parameterisation of these blocks. In order to create control loops there are no programming skills required. The structures are simply created via ‘drag and drop’ of connections between blocks and/or signals

Easy integration

SmartControl is running on a Windows server hardware which is connected to the plant’s PLC via OPC Protocol. Communication and operation is performed transparently via the existing SCADA of the plant or by SmartControl’s  easy to use visualisation.

Operator screens

An optional way to operate an monitor your process is to design clearly arranged user interfaces. SmartControl gives you the opportunity to design an easy to use interface with modern display and trending elements.

Predefined strategies

Beside the basic building blocks several predefined complex control strategies are available. Kima can also develop a special adapted control fitting to your needs. We will also provide a model of your process for predictive control.

Available technology modules:

  • ball mills
  • vertical roller mills
  • roller presses
  • hot gas generators