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Reinforcement Spacers


Double Cage Reinforcement Spacer

Automatically spaces double cage reinforcement

The Spa-Stir automatically locks two cages into an integral unit of reinforcement and spaces from a single form surface to achieve the proper concrete cover. No welding, cutting, bending or skilled labour is required. Just snap the Spa-Stir into place and it is securely locked.

Improves pipe quality

When used as a spacer the Spa-Stir’s stirrup action resists pipe shear and tensile stresses at critical locations and increases pipe strength with no extra material costs. Also, locking two cages into one unit with the Spa-Stir increases pipe stability and reduces fall-out after stripping.


The Spa-Stir is easily used with most manufacturing processes…vibration, packerhead, wet cast and others. In applications such as wet cast, elliptical cage in round pipe and elliptical pipe production, the high strength of the Spa-Stir fits any circumferential wire spacing and all wire diameters up to 1/2”.

Key benefits

  • Accurately spaces two cages of reinforcement in concrete pipe
  • Easy snap on installation

Application Data

  • Fits any mesh spacing including spiral cages
  • Standard sizes available for 30″ through to 120″ diameter B wall concrete pipe
  • Standard sizes available for 24″ through to 96″ diameter C wall concrete pipe
  • Some pipe sizes available with 1 1/4″ cover

Spa Stir
Spa Stir
Spa Stir