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Reinforcement Spacers

TangleFree E-Z Klip


Economically spaces reinforcement in pipe, manholes and other products

The E-Z Klip is a low-cost reinforcement spacer for small and medium diameter concrete pipe, manholes and other reinforced concrete products. It’s simple to use locks tightly to a variety of reinforcement sizes and it’s especially designed for use with the vibration, packerhead, and wetcast production methods.


To space reinforcement simply snap the E-Z Klip onto the cage. No welding, cutting or bending is required. Unskilled personnel can easily do an accurate and reliable spacing job. Sizes are available for spacing to a variety of concrete covers.


Constructed of high-strength spring steel wire the E-Z Klip tightly locks to reinforcement with a constant spring-tensioned grip. Additionally the E-Z Klip’s smooth rounded dual bearing surfaces glide over form surfaces and uneven jacket splices.


The special TangleFree spacer-on-a-stick packaging technique allows the E-Z Klip to be removed from the carton tangle-free and ready for installation.


The E-Z Klip’s spring steel configuration resists inward deflection and distortion. There’s no wide band to pop out after stripping and cause surface bulges or cracks. The E-Z Klip’s slim profile permits virtually unrestricted concrete movement. There’s no wide band to block flow and create voids that lead to hydrostatic leaks.

Key benefits

  • Economically spaces reinforcement in pipe, manholes and other precast products
  • Packaged and pre-aligned for fast no tangle installation
  • Easy snap on installation

Application Data

  • Fits 2″, 3″ and 4″ mesh spacings
  • Sizes available for 3/4″ to 1 3/4″ concrete covers


E-Z Klip
E-Z Klip