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Reinforcement Spacers

TangleFree Lever-Lok

High Performance Double Cage Spacer

Positively positions double cage reinforcement

The HawkeyePedershaab Lever-Lok spacer brings a new dimension in spacing performance to double cage concrete pipe. Unlike conventional spacers the performance of the Lever-Lok is not dependent on the accuracy of the rolled cages. You get dependable and positive cage placement in the toughest applications.

Dependable, double lock grip

The Lever-Lok surrounds the vertical of the inner cage and encircles the circumferential of the outer cage. When applied to the cage the Lever-Lok clamps to each cage under constant spring tension. Movement of the inner and outer cages is completely restricted.

Simple to install

The Lever-Lok installs to the cages in seconds with a simple lever tool. Place the non-spacing end of the Lever-Lok around the longitudinal wire of the inner cage and rotate 90°. Insert the lever tool through the spacing end and pull down pivoting against the outer cage until the Lever-Lok snaps into place.

Improves pipe quality

Dislodged spacers disturb cage placement which can reduce pipe strengths and expose the reinforcing steel. The Lever-Lok’s patented design assures a tight fit for dependable performance under the toughest conditions.

Tangle Free

The special TangleFree spacer-on-a-stick – packaging technique allows the Lever-Lok to be removed from the carton tangle-free and ready for installation.

Application Data

  • Fits any mesh
  • Available in galvanised wire
  • Fits any wire diameter up to 3/8″
  • Standard sizes available for 1″ concrete cover and 1 1/4″ sizes available as special requests

Lever Lok
Lever Lok