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Vertical Roller Mills

Thermal Applications

The first Loesche hot gas generators were developed, built and delivered in 1960 and were available both with and without refractory linings. Which hot gas generator is used depends on the desired outlet temperature for the downstream processes and on the dust content of the process gas to be heated. Up till today far more than 640 Loesche hot gas generators were delivered and commissioned worldwide.

For decades Loesche hot gas generators have been used around the world in a wide range of thermal processes in order to provide an optimum thermal configuration of the process.

It is used to heat:

  • fresh air
  • return gases
  • cleaned exhaust gases
  • hot blast furnace gases
  • process gas with low dust content


Loesche hot gas generators are ideally suitable for direct drying processes and are used for example in conjunction with:

  • grinding plants
  • drum-type driers
  • fluidised-bed furnaces/driers
  • flash driers
  • spheroidisers


Process Integration

The use of hot gas generators in industrial plants is characterised by the different ways in which they are integrated in the process. Three variants are shown using dry-grinding plants with a Loesche mill as the example.