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Concrete Mixers & Batching Plants

Planetary Mixers with Mixing Turbines

TEKA – Turbine Mixers THT with unique mix-turbine are the mixing system for the highest standard premium concrete products as well as for the most difficult mixing tasks.

Turbine mixers are custom built to the individual requirements and the specific mixing task.

The drive power, the diameter of the mixing pan and the number of mix turbines are variable and specifically chosen for each single mixing task.

The THT is ideally suited for face-, fiber-, foam-, self compacting-, colour, ultra high strength concrete, etc.

The turbine mixer is also optimally suited for the absolute smallest batch sizes and therefore extremely variable.


  • swing and throw effect ensures
  • optimal material flow and intensive mixing action
  • ideal for the smallest batch sizes
  • quality concrete products, less scrap
  • optimal energy insertion into the batch with various filling capacities
  • minimal contamination inside the mixing zone