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Weighing & Dosing

Rotary Weigh Feeders


The Twin Rotaweigh is a double level rotary weigh feeder. The material is fed by the tope of the Twin Rotaweigh directly from a silo, a surge bin or through a prefeeder.

It is then conveyed by rotation over half a revolution to an intermediate opening giving the way to a second level where after another half revolution it reaches the outlet. The neutral point of the weighing system is in line with the inlet in order to exclude influences of the material above the Twin Rotaweigh.

The rotation speed is adjusted to get the measured flow constant and equal to the given set point.

8, 10 or 12 cells on each level according to the minimum flowrate

  • Accuracy ± 0.5%
  • Material moisture <1%
  • Particle size <1mm
  • Modular diameter and height
  • Easy maintenance and commissioning
  • Patent CH1903/81-4 20/03/1981
  • Complete tightness
  • Material quantity measure over 360°
  • 2 heights for each diameter
  • Easily removable wear elements
  • ABS system thanks to drive integrated torque limiter
  • Rotation control
  • High temperature version
  • Optional digital load cells
  • Optional ATEX Version