Ammermann Partners have participated in the first Scheuch Sales Partners Get Together in September 2017. The get together had more than 40 people from 30 different countries ranging from Australia and Chile to Canada and South Korea and was described as an extraordinary success by all participants.

The motto of the event “Personal beats Digital” also turned out to be spot-on, as summarized by our Jordanian sales partner: “Seeing someone personally and shaking their hand is a completely different feeling than just talking on the phone.”

A short review of about the event

After a successful day of welcoming presentation and site seeing, day two commenced with the a dense program which started early with presentations on current top projects and case studies, after sales, compliance and contract management. Indeed, the focus was to point out the technological competences of Scheuch. The strategic outlook presented by Scheuch’s Managing Director; Jörg Jeliniewski, was very welcomed. “Jörg Jeliniewski has an incredible vision and it is fascinating to follow his words,” so the feedback of some of the sales partners.

Day three was devoted to “technology”. Colleagues from sales and technology departments presented highlights from the field of filtration and gas cleaning technologies. During excursions to a deconox plant in the Kirchdorfer Zementwerk and the boimass power plant in Timelkam, we were able to see some large scale plants. To experience Scheuch technologies live was a real highly for many of us.

The last day of the get together took place at the Powtech in Nuremberg.

Ammermann are very pleased to have participated in such a great event and have bought back great knowledge for our Australian & New Zealand clients.