Recently the CPI Magazine have published an article detailing the first HawkeyePedershaab Epak sold in Australia to Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (RCPA) in 2016.

RCPA wanted to base the plant on a packerhead machine for the production of thin walled pipes and decided to invest in an Epak 150 machine from HawkeyePedershaab. This machine is able to produce pipes from 300-1500mm diameter.

In contrast to other machines in the market the Epak machine is driven by permanent magnetic motors which drive the packer shaft directly without any transmission. This results in a significant higher energy efficiency of this machine (25-30% higher) because of no friction losses in the drive train. This also leads to the control of the machine being very accurate and it also makes the maintenance of the machine a lot less costly as there are no gearboxes to maintain.

The Epak 150 machine at RCPA is a stand-alone configuration where all handling of the fresh products are done by forklift trucks. The moulds are 3-piece moulds which open up so the product can be demoulded sideways. The trowel segments on the packerhead rollerheads are made of special alloy which makes the trowels more wear resistant resulting in longer lifetime.

The plant produces reinforced concrete pipes with wall thicknesses starting at 34mm for a DN300 pipe and they are able to do this at 60 second cycles which means they can achieve an output exceeding 400 pipes in one shift.

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