Vertical Roller Mills

Container Grinding Plants

 Transportable container construction coal grinding plant.

The transportable coal grinding plant can be deployed locally and provides for a significant reduction in fuel costs. Because the containers are prefabricated the plant can be easily transported and quickly put into service. It is suitable for many local applications in heat and power generation.


To ensure conserving scarce and expensive fuel resources it is preferable to use coal in the combustion process instead of products derived from natural gas or crude oil.

  • Easy transportation across the globe by any container ship
  • Easy transportation by any truck and container semitrailer on any road
  • Fast erection of the plant
  • Fast commissioning
  • Easy operation thanks to high quality modern control systems
  • Where necessary unsurpassed mobility thanks to easy disassembly, transportation and re-erection
  • Best price/performance ratio

Diverse applications in assorted branches of industry.



Mobile ore grinding plant. With the OGP the effectiveness of Loesche’s grinding technology and its influence on the total material flow of the existing processing plant may be tested on site.

The degree of mineral liberation, particle size distribution, energy consumption and throughput can be optimised individually for each deposit and each treatment process depending on the ore characteristics.

Environmental conditions in which it can operate:

  • Altitude: 0-4000 m a.s.l.
  • Outdoor temperature: -20 to 50oC
  • Climate: arid to humid
  • Supply voltage: 380-520V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Installed Power: 420 kW (of which 300 kW is drying capacity, if required)