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ISO Container Transport

Australian Worksafe, ISO 1941 and ASME VIII Certified for truely global usage.

The revolutionary ISO-Veyor is the jewel in the crown of InterBulk’s impressive range of intermodal containers for the transportation, storage and distribution of granulated and other dry bulk cargoes.

Clients deploying ISO-Veyors enjoy maximum payloads, excellent fill and discharge rates, and residue levels of only 0.2% after discharge.

ISO-Veyors also provide minimum tare weight, higher payloads than traditional ‘belly’ tankers and horizontal discharge from standard skeletal trailers or rail wagons.

They ensure that loads of dry bulk materials are safe, efficient and secure. Their intermodal design eliminates the need to transfer cargo from one modal container to another, saving time and money.

ISO-Tanks can significantly reduce the carbon emissions from road transport through their ease of transfer to railway wagons, an important factor for companies whose production processes make it difficult for them to reduce their carbon footprint.

They are ideal for a wide range of dry and granulated materials including all types of cement, minerals, Fly Ash (PFA), Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS), hazardous materials like Chromium Reduction-Ferrous Sulphate, and Alternative Raw Materials (ARMs).

The ISO-Veyor has a highly impressive technical specification, which includes standard 20ft models in a range of materials including Carbon Steel and Aluminium.

What ISO-Veyors Will Do for You

ISO-Veyors are extremely versatile and allow the effective transportation, storage and horizontal discharge of dry bulk materials.
Road Transportation when placed on a skeletal trailer the ISO-Veyor becomes a powder road tanker.
Rail Transportation When placed on a rail car, the ISO-Veyor becomes a railway powder tanker.
Sea Transportation ISO-Veyors are ideally suited for short or deep sea shipping, in the same way as standard box containers.
Ground Storage when placed on the ground, the ISO-Veyor becomes a readymade weatherproof storage silo.
Unbeatable Versatility ISO-Veyors come in a range of configurations, specifications, sizes and material of construction based on the properties of the material for transport and intended use.
ISO-Veyors are available to purchase or rent and can also be supplied as part of a comprehensive logistics package.