Minerals Processing

Process Coolers for Cement Clinker

Following the stationary inlet (KIDS®), the cooler is divided into separately aerated compartments.

Precise design and manufacture of cooler components remove the need for complex single air ducts.

Optimised formation, aeration and transport of the clinker bed allow IKN coolers to operate at higher loads per m² of cooler surface. Cold clinker discharge temperatures are maintained with the lowest air loading per kg of clinker.

The main features of the clinker cooler with Coanda Wing® grate plates are:

  • Excellent clinker distribution resulting in uniform, efficient cooling of the clinker across the full width of the cooler.
  • Low construction height and compact design.
  • High thermal recuperation efficiency.
  • Robust, low-wear and easy to maintain design leading to outstanding availability.
  • Modular design allows pre-assembly and reduces on-site assembly time.
  • Lowest electrical power consumption in the industry.

Clinker Aeration by Coanda Wing®

The assembled Coanda Wing® blades form narrow and curved slots in clinker transport direction. These openings generate sharp jets of air with high dynamic pressure. The Coanda effect forces the jets to curve parallel to the surface of the grate plate.

The air flow through the clinker purges fines from the clinker bed to the surface of the clinker.

The Coanda Wing® technology achieves the purging effect with minimum air flow and improved heat transfer between clinker and cooling air for maximum cooling and recuperation. The resultant clinker bed is characterised by its low resistance to the passage of cooling air.

Clinker Inlet Distribution System (KIDS®)

The IKN KlDS® distributes the clinker evenly across the grate width and at the same time conditions the clinker bed for easy passage of air by lifting the fluidised fines to the bed surface.

The inclined slots of the Coanda Nozzles generate horizontal air jets, which pressurise the bottom layer of the clinker bed. The air jets are deflected vertically when striking clinker particles and uniformly penetrate the clinker bed.

The main features of the IKN KIDS® are:

  • Uniform clinker distribution across the grate width.
  • Improved transport of the fines to the bed surface.
  • Rapid cooling of the lower clinker bed.
  • Lower clinker outlet temperature.
  • Less maintenance of the grate.
  • Improved recuperation.
  • Power savings due to reduction of cooling air.
  • Stabilised kiln and cooler operation.