Christian Pfeiffer 

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Christian Pfeiffer’s annual technical process training with their engineers provide application oriented knowledge and answer any questions the participants may have.


The intensive 4 day seminar is specially designed for:

– Plant Managers

– Technical, Production and Maintenance Managers

– Engineers responsible for operating and/or maintaining grinding plants and equipment.


Christian Pfeiffer are constantly developing and want to become even better and more efficient. In order to continue to be a partner to our customers over the long term, Christian Pfeiffer want to share all the knowledge they have gained from various projects and their own development.

Using technical presentations and interactive workshops to provide practical answers on lowering energy costs, increasing production quality, current product and market developments as well as analysis and optimisation opportunities.

For more than 90 years, Christian Pfeiffer has been one of the technology leaders in the grinding industry. Together we can optimise your grinding processes.