The past twelve months has seen some major positive changes for HawkeyePedershaab and we are proud to provide further details as follows:

In October 2017, HawkeyePedershaab have joined forces with New Hampton Metal Fab. The two have combined to provide greater solutions to the concrete market. New Hampton Metal Fab designs and manufactures moulds for manholes, boxes, pipes and a variety of other specialty forms and equipment.

Towards the end of 2017, HawkeyePedershaab has broadened their company’s product lines and geographic reach by merging together with BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH. Through this partnership with BFS, HawkeyePedershaab will expand its presence in the concrete pipe and manhole machinery segment and offer new product lines serving the pressure pipe, manhole, pole plant and block & paver end markets.

Early 2018 has seen HawkeyePedershaab merge with Cam Sales. Cam Sales are the leading manufacturer of pre-fabricated shear steel stirrup assemblies for concrete pipe, box culverts and other concrete structures. They are also the leading manufacturer of reinforcement accessories and provider of precast concrete production equipment in North America. This acquisition allows HawkeyePedershaab to expand its range of product offerings to the concrete industry.

In August 2018, HawkeyePedershaab were pleased to announce the formation Afinitas, its new parent company. With the above aquisitions, HawkeyePedershaab have been building out the vision of creating a global, comprehensive, customer orientated infrastructure equipment and services platform, acquiring New Hampton Metal Fabrication Corp, BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH and most recently CAM Sales Inc. The formation of Afinitas supports the strength of each of these individual companies in the marketplace while offering a unifying umbrella. The name Afinitas is a derivation of the Latin word for alliance, underscoring both the lasting relationships between each company and its customers as well as the synergistic potential unleashed through the alignment of these entities. “Even though these companies have only been together under one umbrella for a short time, I’m extremely pleased and energized by the new opportunities that have been unlocked for the group and our customers,” said Brad Schmidgall, Afinitas President. “We’re seeing multiple examples where we’ve been able to leverage the service reach and sales network of one company to provide new and value-added solutions for the customers of another.” More than 350 team members in eight global locations are part of the growing Afinitas platform, which aims to connect the world through infrastructure via mindful expansion. Currently, the platform has three divisions, each with distinct brands, capabilities and leadership teams: —HawkeyePedershaab and BFS (dry-cast equipment) —New Hampton Metal Fab (wet-cast forming) —CAM products (consumables)  “In addition to providing value and benefits for our customers, our vision for Afinitas is equally about using the scale, breadth and diversity of the platform to provide stability and security for our team members,” said Mike Kiefer, Afinitas Vice President of Finance. “We’ll never be able to completely avoid the cyclical nature of the markets we serve, but our exposure to an increased diversity of end products and geographies mitigates this risk to a significant degree. We want to foster a stable environment in which our team members can thrive.” “Going forward, we will continue to thoughtfully and carefully build out the Afinitas platform with a mix of organic growth and strategic acquisitions,” said Ryan Gable, Afinitas Chairman and CEO. “As we execute our strategy, we will ensure that our organization will continue to grow in its ability to innovate, care for customers and provide development opportunities for our team members.”

About HawkeyePedershaab Concrete Technologies Inc. & BFS Betonfertigteilesysteme GmbH. They are the leading global manufacturers of capital equipment for the production of concrete pipe and manholes. With operations in Mediapolis, Iowa, Brønderslev, Denmark, and Blaubeuren, Germany, HawkeyePedershaab and BFS offer a full range of customer solutions for manufacturers of concrete pipes, manholes and other precast products, ranging from wet-cast forms and stand-alone production machines to fully automated plants incorporating the latest robotics and control technology. Working closely with concrete product manufacturers to design efficient and modern production facilities, together, these companies have the largest global installed base of equipment in operation.

Most recently in October 2018, New Hampton Metal Fabrication Corp, an Afinitas company, are excited to announce the merger with Spillman Company, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom wet-cast concrete forms. The company is also a provider of precast accessories relating to plastic spacers, magnetic products and automation solutions. This combination strengthens and expands New Hampton Metal Fab’s  product portfolio for the wet-cast concrete industry.