Air Blast Units / Air Cannons

Wherever bulk materials are produced, processed or stored, hoppers and silos are the starting point for automated operations. Flow disruptions caused by formation of bridges or chimneys have a major impact on the efficiency of a plant.

Cakings in gas ducts, cyclones and pipings, traveling gates and inlet chutes to rotary kilns disrupt the process and reduce plant efficiency.



The Solution

AGRICHEMA’s SHOCK-BLOWER® air-blast units store highly compressed air (or inert gases) up to 10 bar which can be expelled, if necessary, within milliseconds in an explosion-like manner.

By injecting the explosion-like air-blasts through specific expansion guide nozzles precisely focused into the separation layer between the wall and the bulk material, the latter is literally “peeled” from the wall and moved towards the outlet.

For high temperature applications, AGRICHEMA’s SHOCK-BLOWER® air-blast units are equipped with specific heat resistant nozzles to remove cakings of material.

The Concept

SHOCK-BLOWER® air-blast units are applied in “critical” zones where caking of material and bridge formation may occur.

By expelling air-blasts, if necessary, in a time-programmed sequence, active flow zones are created, causing even highly cohesive bulk material to flow.

Size and number of the SHOCK-BLOWER® air-blast units and the exhaust system to be applied are determined by:

  • The bulk material’s characteristics
  • Local factors
  • Type and form of material cakings

This diagrammatic view shows possible places of application of AGRICHEMA’s SHOCK-BLOWER® for automatic removal of unwanted cakings of material in a preheater system for rotary kilns used for cement production.

Agrichema Shock Blower

The Design

SHOCK-BLOWER® from AGRICHEMA consist of a storage tank for compressed air or inert gases and a valve unit with control unit.

The storage tanks are made according to EURO standards and are hot galvanised on the inside and outside.

The valve unit with its vent seat made of Cr-Ni-steel is protected and arranged within the storage tank, even so it can be easily maintained and controlled from the outside.

The control unit “SIKOBETIC®” from AGRICHEMA guarantees a reliable operation of air blast units (even during fluctuations in the compressed air network). Additionally the “SIKOBETIC®” offers a simple handling and maximum security for the operating staff.



AGRICHEMA’s SIWARTIC® with filter regulator and 3/2-way ball valve, lockable threefold, is used as safety maintenance unit for reliable compusulsary venting of SHOCK-BLOWER® units.

Automatic Cycle Control (ATS)

The automatic cycle control for SHOCK-BLOWER® (ATS) is freely programmable. Thus, all bulk material disruptions can be eliminated by individual control of the SHOCK-BLOWER® units.

The SHOCK Control (SCS) is monitoring the SHOCK-BLOWER®’s function.

Option: pressure sensor/pressure transmitter for monitoring the operating air pressure.

Further Accessories:

Air pipes, sets of fittings and installation accessories.

The Nozzle System

AGRICHEMA’s multifunctional expansion guide nozzles provide customized solutions for disruption-free operation of bulk material plants.





Expansion guide nozzle “tangential: for round silos





Expansion guide nozzle 90o “Plug-in type” with outlet unit for concrete silos.

Application examples:

Hoppers, silos and tanks from concrete, steel, aluminium or plastic (round and rectangular type also with flat bottom)

  • Hoppers arranged as star or in series
  • Flat bottom silos
  • Transfer hoppers and chutes
  • Filter systems and pipings
  • spray towers
  • Cyclones


Heat Resistant Nozzles

AGRICHEMA’s multifunctional heat-resistant nozzles provide customized solutions.


Heat resistant nozzles in refractory brick lining

0o, 20o and 90o exhaust angle



Heat resistant nozzles in changing tubes

0o, 20o and 90o exhaust angle


Longer service life of the heat resistant nozzles (1) through passive and active air cooling in changing tube (2)

Easy replacement without flame cutting and welding.



Heat resistant nozzles with refractory nozzle

0o exhaust angle


Long service life under extreme working conditions through refractory nozzle brick (1) with support box (2).

Quick inspection from outside by easy dismantling of the front plate (3) with heat resistant nozzle (4) is possible.

Application examples:

Removing cakings of material in:

  • Floating gas heat exchangers
  • Travelling gate preheaters
  • Clinker cooler inlets
  • Clinker chutes
  • Cyclones and ducts