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Apron Weigh Feeders
Apron Weigh Feeder

Depending on material and the application in question weigh feeders in the version with deep-drawn pans (type DPB-K) or in the arched plate version (type DPB-B) are available for dosed charging or dosed discharging. The gravimetric dosing required for the desired precision is accomplished by an integrated measuring or weighing rail whose data control the frequency converter which in turn regulates the belt speed and as a result the conveyed volume.

Apron Weigh Feeder (DPB-K)

•    Volume controlled transport of dusty, grainy bulk materials such as clinker, slag or petcoke
•    Frequently used for loading of the cement mill in the cement industry
•    Available in a completely encased and pressure tight configuration

Apron Weigh Feeder DPB-B

•    Dosed extraction of difficult flowing bulk materials
such as e.g. clay, gypsum, marl, limestone, pozzolan etc.
•    Arched plates, easy to clean with a scraper