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Bucket Elevators
Bucket Elevators

Reliable operation, high conveying capacities, longevity and low operational costs characterise Aumund bucket elevators. Depending on material, application and local conditions they are configured with forged central chain or belt. For high conveying capacities the double bucket elevator can be offered as a solution.

Belt Bucket Elevator (BWG)

The belt bucket elevators type BW-G are equipped with specially developed steel rope belts permitting a long lifespan and heat resistance up to 130° Celsius. In the bucket elevator boot a bar drum ensures guided return of the belt. An exact parallel guidance is achieved with a parallel tensioning device.

Functions & Features

  • Safe belt-joining by clamping in a cast compound box
  • Friction linings of the drive drums exchangeable without opening of the belt
  • Ranges from low to very high conveying capacities
  • Lift heights over 170m
  • Conveying capacities up to 1,740m3/h

Central Chain Bucket Elevator (BWZ)

The bucket elevator with forged central chain (type BWZ) is configured for the transport of all types of coarse, hot or abrasive bulk materials. It also achieves conveying capacities of more than 600t/h at axis distances of more than 60m and in continuous 24/7 operation.

Functions & Features

  • Heat resistant up to 400° Celsius
  • Homogeneous conveyed material flow with minimal spillage thanks to close bucket arrangement
  • Simple, reliable bucket fixing (AUMUND Patent) for maximum lifespan
  • Forged chains with greased labyrinth seal and maximum chain link surface pressure of 30N/mm2
  • Silo and mill feeding
  • Abrasive, hot, coarse and fine material


Double Bucket Elevator BWZ-D

For conveying capacities of over 1300t/h AUMUND has developed the double chain bucket elevator. Axis distances of more than 60m are also possible with the BWZ-D. The bucket elevator is a combination of two standard bucket elevators with central chain. Both bucket strands run over the same driveshaft, which is mounted in a pedestal bearing and driven by twin drives.

Functions & Feature

  • Conveying capacities of more than 1300t/h
  • Axis distances >60m
  • Symmetrical weight distribution for long life of chain and driveshaft
  • No mechanical connection between the bucket strands
  • Material feed with current divider
  • Sprockets mounted separately with clamping axis in order to independently counterbalance chain elongation which may arise long-term

Gravity Discharge Bucket Elevator (BWZ-S)

For bulk materials with high dust generation and up to 150mm particle size there is the bucket elevator with gravity discharge BWZ-S. It runs at reduced conveying speed and discharges the bulk material over the back of the preceding bucket.

Functions & Features

  • Conveying speed with gravity discharge 0.46 to 1.12m/s
  • Special bucket shape (bulk material flows over the back of the preceding bucket into the outlet)
  • BWZ-S with bucket widths of 200 to 1,200mm and radius of 240 and 400mm
  • BWZ-S conveying capacities up to 678m³/h; Double bucket elevator at 1,356 m³/h.