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Samson® Material Feeder
Samson Material Feeder
Samson Material Feeder
Samson Material Feeder

The Samson® surface feeder extracts bulk materials directly from the truck but is also used for wagon unloading as well as in bulk material handling with front end loaders. A frequent application is the conveying of corrective materials, additives or alternative fuels. Owing to its flexibility it is a technically and economically good solution in many areas of bulk material handling.


Functions & Features

  • Controlled discharge of bulk materials from trucks
  • Suitable for dry and dusty, heavy and abrasive as well as for wet and sticky materials
  • No expensive bunker necessary
  • High flexibility
  • No bridge formation or blockages
  • Low dust generation owing to modest drop height and volume controlled discharge

How does the SAMSON Material Feeder work?

The SAMSON Material Feeder operates very easily. The wide apron belt design permits a very low loading height allowing trucks to discharge directly to the entry section of the unit.

  • Material is discharged directly into the entry section.
  • Material is then drawn directly from the truck onto the forward moving apron belt into the unit.
  • Material can either be continually  discharged to a following conveyor system or can be stored within the unit.
  • Once the material in the unit has been moved onto the next process stage, the entry section of the SAMSON Material Feeder then becomes ready to accept the next load of material.