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Pan Conveyors
Pan Conveyors

Automated manufacturing processes in most cases require stockage or blending of raw materials, additives and intermediate products. Rapid and reliable availability play an important role here. Bottlenecks in the loading or discharging of bunkers, stores, tips and silos can compromise the efficiency of the installation. It is therefore down to correct designing of the conveying and storage technology. Material, flow properties, applications and local conditions are the main criteria. The following choices are available:

  • Arched plate conveyors
  • Deep drawn pan conveyors
  • Bucket apron conveyors
  • Flat and pivoting pan conveyors

Arched Plate Conveyors (BPB)

The main area of application of the arched plate conveyor (type BPB) is bunker discharging of moist and sticky conveyed goods such as loam, marl, natural or FGD gypsum, anhydrite, pozzolan etc. The heavy duty design (type BPB-S / BPB-SF) is often used for intake and transport of as mined material.

Arched Plate Conveyor (BPB)

Arched plates which perfectly suit the drive and pretensioned sprockets thus permitting plate cleaning with a scraper:

  • Regulation of the unloading capacity with adjustable rotational speed drive
  • Version with track scale available (type DPB-B)
  • Plate thicknesses from 8 to 10 mm

Arched Plate Conveyor (BPB-S / BPB-SF)

For feeding and transport of as mined rock as well as for intake of material under tipping points the heavy duty design of the Arched Plate Conveyor is often used:

  • Plate thickness up to 40 mm
  • Capacities up to 11,000 t/h
  • Handling of uncrushed raw materials with edge lengths up to 2,000 mm

Deep Drawn Pan Conveyors (KZB)

The deep drawn pan conveyor (type KZB) is a perfectly reliable and economic means of conveying hot or abrasive bulk materials.

  • Horizontal conveying and inclines (depending on material) to 30°
  • Plate widths from 400 to 2,400mm
  • Conveying capacity up to 1,486m3/h
  • Increased stiffness thanks to AUMUND plate profile
  • Reduced spillage thanks to overlapping design
  • Very smooth running
  • Low maintenance, long lifespan
  • Various models available
  • Equippable as hot material and cooling conveyor
  • Available as weight feeder with track scale (type DPB-K)


Special version: Reversable Deep Drawn Pan Conveyor

Special plant combinations can make alternating transport in two directions necessary. In such cases a special construction design of the deep drawn pan conveyor is employed, the type KZB-R.

  • Horizontal arrangement of the belt is recommended
  • Supervision from the control room takes care of complete belt mat unloading prior to direction change
  • Large axis distances feasible thanks to drives on both return chain sprocket shafts

Bucket Apron Conveyor (BZB)

The bucket apron conveyor (type BZB) is the optimum solution for conveying at up to 60° gradient angle.

•    Narrow curve radius
•    Suitable for heavy duty applications and high temperatures
•    Close bucket arrangement for conveying of fine particled bulk materials
•    High bucket stability thanks to integral traverse in the bucket floor
•    Forwards and backwards overlapping of the buckets possible
•    Standard bucket sizes up to 1,600mm width
•    Conveying capacity regulation through frequency controlled drive
•    Content level monitoring possible

Special Delivery/Metallurgy: DRI/HBI-Hot Material Conveyor BZB-I
Where the installation circumstances demand it, the DRI/HBI-Hot Material Conveyor with the specially developed bucket apron conveyor BZB-I can be employed.

•    Material temperature up to 1,100° Celsius
•    Horizontal conveying up to 300 metres (AUMUND type KZB-I)
•    Conveying capacity with horizontal conveying from 100 to 1800t/h
•    Inclined conveying – lift height dependent upon conveying capacity
•    Conveying capacity with up to 600t/h (type KZB-I / BZB-I)
•    Plate widths for pans from 400 to 2,400mm
•    Plate widths of buckets from 400 to 1,600mm
•    AUMUND inert gas system against reoxidation and metallisation loss

Flat Plate Conveyor (FPB)

The AUMUND flat plate conveyor is especially conceived for gentle conveying of material. A main installation site for this conveyor is therefore a foundry where sensitive castings or sand moulds are conveyed.

•    Smooth, even surface for gentle conveying and transfer
•    Effective reduction of noise and dust generation
•    Overlapping, closed belt mat for avoidance of spillage
•    Energy efficient design
•    Belt widths 600 – 2,400mm
•    Configurable as weigh belt
•    Speed regulation with frequency converter
•    Available as cooling conveyor (with and without hood)

Pivoting Pan Conveyor (SPB)

The AUMUND pivoting pan conveyor is the perfect medium for selective intake wherever emptying into more than two silos or bunkers is required.


  • Remote control intermediate unloading stations
  • Simultaneous transport of various materials in upper and lower tower


Pivoting Pan Conveyor