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Industrial Radial Fans

REITZ fans have one thing in common: They win people over with their superior quality and reliability – made in Germany. This applies to standard fans with power ratings of 1.1 kW right the way through to large fans with power ratings of 10,000 kW, along with specially-designed fans which our team of technicians and engineers develop to precisely meet your individual requirements.

Power ratings up to 1000 kW

Modular design makes all of the following possible: Maximum operational reliability, excellent price-performance ratios, and short delivery times. The basic product range offers four basic models and three drive concepts for each type of industrial or process engineering application.

MXE Design

Direct drive
Impeller fitted on motor shaft

KXE Design

Coupling drive
Fan shaft runs in anti-friction bearings

MAE Design

Direct drive
Impeller fitted on motor shaft, suitable for direct
surface-mounting on separator, filter, etc.

RGE Design

Belt drive
Fan shaft runs in two antifriction bearings.
motor positioned laterally on an additional base frame made from sectional steel

Large Fans

For many decades REITZ has been manufacturing large fans and process fans with power ratings of up to 10,000 kW for demanding large scale projects and plant manufacturers worldwide.

The entire planning, production and testing for all large fans takes place in Germany. Each individual production step is completely documented.

Each REITZ fan is designed and constructed to achieve the optimal degree of efficiency given the process dependent parameter values.

A combination of REITZ’ quality assurance, state-of-the-art production technology and electronic monitoring systems results in a maximum degree of availability which noticeably improves the overall economy of the system.

On account of REITZ’ capacity REITZ can guarantee the smooth and timely production of large fans with powers of up to 10,000 kW.

Reitz Fan

Special Fans

Unusual demands require unusual solutions. The REITZ team of experienced engineers and technicians are highly qualified and sufficiently equipped to deal with such situations. REITZ designs and develops every conceivable type of fan from high-pressure fans to explosion-proof, stainless-steel fans and is directly involved from the project planning stage all the way through to the start-up stage.

Perfectly equipped to handle unusual assignments:

  • High-pressure fans (> 300 mbars)
  • Fans designed for high-temperature areas (up to 500 °C.)
  • Pressure fans and pressure-resistant, shock-proof fans (up to 6 bars)
  • Gas-proof fans
  • Stainless-steel fans
  • Fans with special types of drive (e.g. steam turbine-driven fans)
  • Low-wear fans
  • Explosion-proof fans
  • Fans designed for specific processing applications

Versatile solutions for every aspect of your fan system:

  • Louvre dampers
  • Inlet guide vanes
  • Dampers
  • Transition pieces
  • Flexible connections
  • Anti-vibration mounts (rubber/spring type)
  • Round filters
  • Inlet nozzles
  • Piecometric flow meters
  • Suction boxes

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is currently a subject of noisy debate. It is comforting to know therefore that our sound-insulation product range with pioneering technology already offers all kinds of possibilities to reduce the sound level to a minimum.

Innovative sound insulation solutions for workers and the environment:

  • Silencers with baffles
  • Tubular silencers
  • Housing insulation
  • Noise-protection cabins