Handling & Storage

Loading / Unloading Equipment

Telescopic Spout (TKS)

For the loading of clinker into trucks or ships the AUMUND telescopic spout with integrated dedusting and automatic operation are an efficient solution whether for low or high capacities. The telescopic spout model designed for high capacity and rapid consecutive loading procedures achieves up to 700t/h and is being employed worldwide in over 200 installations.


For installations with only around 5 loading procedures per day and a capacity of 100t/h to 150t/h, a lighter version is used which owing to the reduced segments, smaller lifting gear and lower dedusting volume is an economic solution for systems with lower or medium handling capacity.


The main features of the telescopic spout are the adjustable loading capacity, the automated lifting of the spout during the loading procedure as well as the dedusted loading chute. For clinker loading a wear protected version of the spout Is offered. The telescopic spout is offered as standard with a lift movement of 3,000 to 6,000mm, for individual applications there are special versions available.