Measurement & Control Systems


Predictive control of grinding facilities

MillMaster controls closed grinding circuits – fully automated. If required, without operator. One system is able to operate up to four mills at the same time thus increasing your facilities availability by preventing overfilling and similar failures.

The consequent constant and optimal fill level ensures smooth and stable operation leading to significantly less wear and a more homogenous product. Additionally the output increases and the power consumption drops.

MillMaster can be integrated into every automation system – it is simply plugged via a standard OPC interface. With you previous control system on standby you can switch to it at any time.

The new “auto adaptive” mechanism automatically and independently┬ádetermines and adjusts the ideal filling level to always ensure optimal mill operation.

The modular concept allows you to choose the functions you need. If desired, thanks to Kima’s flexible system, additional modules can be developed and easily integrated at any time.

MillMasters range of applications:

  • vertical mills
  • ball mills
  • roller press
  • separator / fineness
  • hot gas generator
  • water injection
  • ventilation