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Packing & Despatch Technology
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It is crucial an automated packing plant is installed in the process operation without disruption to the plant. That´s why Claudius Peters works closely with the client taking into consideration all aspects of the plant´s operation whatever the application. The Claudius Peters PACPAL packing plant is customised to fit into an existing system; compact and modular it is easily and quickly installed as an integral component. From a standard control technique to a comprehensive automatic dispatch system Claudius Peters technology provides total control. Clients can record, control and evaluate the production capabilities of individual packing lines with loading alleys (lanes), palletiser´s and material logistics as well as all important plant data.

Packing & Despatch Technology
Packing Applications

Thanks to Claudius Peters vast experience in packing technology every product is engineered to provide maximum productivity and cost-efficiency in a wide range of applications:

  • Cement
  • Limestone
  • Gypsum
  • Lime
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Standard and Special Mortar Types
  • Dry Mix Alumina Cement Types
  • Other building and powder materials
  • Minerals : Calcium Carbonate, Crystal/Quarz or Silica Products, workshop Clayey/Gravelly/Grit Sand and other similar materials


A typical Claudius Peters PACPAL Packing Plant comprises everything from the bucket elevator, vibrating screen, pre-bin with level indicator, feeding system, packing machine with automatic bag application and empty bag transportation to the bag discharge, transportation and removal system, check weighing, bag rejection, spillage return, dedusting filter and electrical control and automation. The working method of each Claudius Peters PACPAL packing plant is individually tailored to the customers’ requirements; equally the specific properties of the packed materials are of vital importance. Packing plants are either fed via mechanical or via pneumatic conveying systems with a protective screen removing all foreign components. By means of a preceding bin the material is vented and a constant pre-pressure for controlled material feeding to the packing machine is achieved. After filling the bags, they are distributed via belt conveyors and distribution systems to the dispatch terminal for palletising or direct truck loading.

Complete Plant & System Upgrades

Claudius Peters are well equipped to supply all the main aspects of a turnkey plant and the necessary components relating to ‘dispatch’.

Beside their silo and pneumatic bulk transport know-how (silo and pneumatic systems) Claudius Peters are able to realise projects including following machine components:

PACPAL Roto Fill

PACPAL In-Line Fill

PACPAL Bag Applicator

PACPAL Palletiser

PACPAL Bag Loader

PACPAL Big Bag Fill


  • Bulk loading head and/or mobile loader for truck with or without filter unit
  • Other semi-automatic or manual Bag Loader for truck´s and train´s
  • Automatic Bag Loader for truck´s, train´s and ship´s
  • Automatic Stretch Hooding, Stretch Wrapping, Shrink Hooding, Shrink Wrapping Lines for applications:
    • on pallet
    • without pallet / palletless
    • with slip sheets on pallet and/or palletless
    • with slings on pallet and/or palletless
  • Individual consultancy for special projects and/or logistical applications
  • Preliminary and Basic Engineering for Tender preparation or Feasibility Study on request
  • Projects linked to the complete Claudius Peters Supply Program

Automation & Control

Claudius Peters uses advanced technology to perfectly coordinate the control of a packing plant and more importantly accelerating the operation of each procedure. These complex control solutions comprise the latest in instrumentation and control as well as process technologies. All control systems can be integrated into existing systems.

Current information online

Additionally the latest in communication technology allows remote maintenance/ tele service and diagnosis providing optimum support for the smooth operation of a packing plant.

Claudius Peters plant automation & control

  • Integrated automation for optimum efficiency
  • All control systems can be integrated into existing systems
  • Reliable interface to palletising plant and /or single bag loader
  • Project and customer orientated solution based on CP standard


Claudius Peters dispatch & warehouse automation

  • Reliable interface to customer ERP systems
  • All control systems can be integrated into existing systems
  • Project and customer orientated solution based on CP standard


Claudius Peters plant visualisation with WIN CC

indication of:

  • Production status
  • Silo level trend
  • Product flow
  • Actual pre bin level follow up
  • Sensor and actor status
  • Current consumption of drives
  • Archivation production status and faults
  • Optional production protocol is possible



The weighing systems of each of the individual packing plant modules are connected with the PACTRON MASTER central terminal via a data bus that is located in the control desk next to the packing machine. It consists of a 5” monitor, a numeric keyboard and function keys. It is here that the operating staff transfer single control parameters for the different types of product to the weighing electronics. All the functions are displayed in clear text, and the settings can be made online with the machine running. PACTRON MASTER can be integrated into a central guidance system through different data transmission systems. Via the special evaluation program PACTRON DATA, all the gathered data from each of the individual modules can be shown as a statistical evaluation graph and tabulated on one computer.

PACTRON MASTER – main functions

  • Selection of the filling weight
  • Display of the current filling weight,
  • either for each individual filling module
  • or for all the modules
  • Adjustment of the filling parameters for
  • each weighing module
  • Calibration of the weighers
  • Tracing of the whole metering process