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Pneumatic Conveying

FLUIDCON – The evolution of pneumatic conveyance

Pneumatic conveying has always been an acceptable means for transporting fine materials from one location to the other. The initial investment and maintenance costs are typically lower when compared to mechanical conveying systems however the energy consumption for the air supply on pneumatic systems is considerably higher than other options power requirements.

The Claudius Peters FLUIDCON system utilises the advantages of typical pneumatic conveying at considerably lower energy requirements.

FLUIDCON has the benefits of less power consumption due to the incorporation of the aeroslide transportation principle within the transport pipe.

Additionally it provides a dense phase system with increased bulk material load. Depending on the transport pipe routing, the new Claudius Peters FLUIDCON system can substantially reduce power consumption. FLUIDCON system can be used to convey all fine bulk solids which can be fluidised with low air velocities and expands homogeneously during the process.



The Claudius Peters X-Pump is a high speed screw feeder which is installed as a feeding unit in front of a pneumatic conveying pipeline. This pneumatic conveying system can be designed as conventional pneumatic pipeline system or as Claudius Peters FLUIDCON pipeline system.

The task of the X-Pump is to feed a defined solids mass flow into the conveying gas flow against the overpressure in the conveyor pipe while at the same time sealing the system overpressure against the surrounding or the upstream sections of the plant to keep the gas leakage through the feeder as low as possible. This sealing is realised by forming a plug of bulk solids of defined length at the end of the screw.

Conveying pressures up to approx. 2.5 bar overpressure, in special cases even higher, as well as conveying distances of up to approx. 1000m and throughput capacities of up to approx. 400 t/h are achieved. It is possible to convey pulverised bulk solids as well as coarser materials with grain sizes up to approx. 10mm. The X-Pump can be used as a feeder for dense phase as well as for lean phase conveyance.

X Pump

Two Way Valve

The Claudius Peters Two Way Valve is installed in pneumatic conveying pipelines for alternative feeding of two material conveying routes.

The most striking feature of the two way valve is its compact design. The drive is flanged directly to the shaft which allows for a most precise positioning of the valve disk. The Claudius Peters Two Way Valve is designed for non-explosive and explosive bulk materials.

Two Way Valve

Rotary Feeder TWA

The TWA Rotary Feeder represents a drastic change in design compared with common rotary feeder technology. The 500 Brinell Ni-Hard rotor cell as well as the 500 Brinell Ni-Hard liner have clearly higher lifetimes than the traditional rotary feeders (eg: coated with tungsten carbide). The wear is further minimised by a total of 12 chambers and thus 12 sealing webs.

As well as the long lifetime, the Rotary Feeder construction shows further innovative features. The wear can be measured with the rotary feeder installed in place. Gap increases due to wear can be corrected in the installed condition and can be reduced to the original size. Due to the mechanical shaft seal the operational safety is further increased. Technically outdated solutions such as stuffing boxes or sealing gas labyrinths are no longer required.

Rotary Feeder TWA