Refractory Technology

Refractory Concretes

In constant efforts to intensify customer services and improve products, Refratechnik has developed innovative refractory concrete grades.

These low cement castables (LCC) are state of the art products in refractory technology and meet all the demands of processing and application behaviour.

In order to obtain a long service life even under the harshest conditions it is most essential that the refractory concretes be installed correctly. Refratechnik supervisors are on hand to provide technical assistance and supervision during installation.

The refractory concretes are produced in Refratechnik’s plant in Gornal/Spain, and production is subject to the strict demands of DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.

The product range includes the following grades:
• regular cement castables (RCC)
• low cement castables (LCC)