Refractory Technology

Service Products

Refratechnik offer an extensive range of service products to ensure our customers are completely satisfied after purchasing our products.


REFRA-Rig II is a complete installation system meeting all requirements of long-service technology and every need, thanks to its extensive range of accessories.

The entire working area is evenly illuminated by 24 Volt halogen spotlights, which are supplied with the system.
Ring bracing is by means of a hydraulic cylinder which, if necessary, can also be operated manually.

The entire system is fed from a central power supply.

The special accessories comprise roller belts for brick transport on the platform and pneumatic shim drivers, which can be connected to the central compressed air unit.


REFRA-Shell II is a measuring tool for rotary kilns that is used to determine the curvature of the kiln shell during operation. This elastic deformation is called ovality, which is primarily present in the area of a kiln tyre. The measurement taken gives some accurate information on the degree of mechanical load the refractory material/kiln shell are exposed to, allowing in turn to define required countermeasures in terms of refractory selection and/or mechancial maintenance in advance and thus to increase the lifetime of the kiln components.


REFRA-Test guarantees controlled, non-destructive brick thickness measurements on the refractory lining in rotary kilns (for example, in the cement, lime, dolomite and magnesite industries) without tedious preparations and with the simplest handling. REFRA-Test enables the state of the lining to be readily determined.

REFRA-Test guarantees high accuracy, which is also the prerequisite for statistical examination for differences in brick thicknesses in refractory linings due to wear.

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