Refractory Technology

Shaped Refractory Products

The rapid rise in world-wide demand for cement and the growing requirements in the steel industry constantly pose new challenges for refractory technology: minerals and raw materials rich in alumina and magnesite are used to develop bricks, castables and moulds which are tailored precisely to suit the processes, temperatures and materials to be processed. This basic technology is used world-wide to equip modern cement rotary kilns or metal-melt and -casting plants with highly specialised refractory linings.

The industrial kiln is the starting point for all cement, steel and glass construction, all aluminium, gold and ceramic products.
The world-wide industrial kiln plants also need world-wide refractory technology. Refratechnik provides in this case products of the highest quality which are available everywhere on earth, together with an extensive consultation and performance potential which ranges from recognizing the task in hand to providing the solution, and from the costing exercise to delivering the materials, from lining the kilns to commissioning the plant, from service to personnel training.

To meet the globally increasing demand for cement, high output, energy-saving lining systems have been developed in the industrialised countries and introduced throughout the world. One of the primary results of these developments is the precalciner kiln with a short rotary kiln section. The use of alternative fuels has also taken on a new significance. Keeping pace with this technology requires suitable refractory products and lining systems: the conditions inside the kiln are a determining factor of its service life.