Measurement & Control Systems


In order to optimise grinding processes it is necessary to measure the most important parameter – the fill level – as precisely as possible.  This key pa­ram­e­ter can­not be mea­sured di­rect­ly it needs to be de­ter­mined by acous­tic or vi­bra­tion mea­sure­ment due to the ob­vi­ous dis­ad­van­tages pre­vi­ous mea­sur­ing meth­ods (like mi­cro­phones) are quite use­less for now­a­days needs. Due to measuring the sound directly where it occurs (on the mill shell) all these disadvantages can be avoided.

The solution is SmartFillTM – a fail safe, high precision fill level and temperature measurement system for ball mills.


High precision measurement of fill levels:

  • easy installation
  • zero crosstalk
  • free frequency band
  • almost no maintenance
  • process interface (4—20 mA)
  • up to 3 sensors of free choice
  • up to 16 product types
  • industrial proved: IP65 / Atex
  • mill mounted (self-powered)


Using a high level control achieves a return of investment in less than a single year.


How SmartFill improves your production process

In­cor­po­rat­ing the pre­cise re­sults in­to your grind­ing pro­cess is di­rect­ly im­prov­ing your pro­duc­tion pro­cess. In or­der to achieve this  im­prove­ment you per­ma­nent­ly need to ad­just the mill’s feed. While keep­ing the fill lev­el at the op­ti­mum the grind­ing pro­cess be­comes sta­ble.

A good operator, for example, take care of the fill level and manually changes the fresh feed.

Using an au­to­mat­ic con­trol­ler pro­vides you with even more ad­van­tages and con­ve­nience. Au­to­mat­ic con­trol re­li­ably com­pen­sat­es dis­tur­bances like strong dif­fer­ences in raw ma­te­ri­al qual­i­ty and pre­vents over­fill­ing. These ad­van­tages are based on a fact. The au­to­mat­ic con­trol­ler is re­act­ing fast and pre­cise on con­cur­rent events, tak­ing the cor­rect de­ci­sion at any time.

In addition you achieve a high product homogeneity ensuring an increased product quality.


SmartFill’s range of application:

All kinds of industrial ball mills or grinding of:

  • cement
  • limestone
  • coal
  • gold ore
  • iron ore
  • aluminium oxyde