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Discharge Systems

In all industrial sectors bulk materials need to be conveyed, stored and unloaded which, in part, have very difficult flow properties. When selecting the discharge equipment, correct design and measurement of silos or bunker play a decisive role. Critical specific values are bulk density, moisture content, particle size, particle size distribution, temperature, bulk and wall friction angle as well as information on dust content, abrasivity and corrosions as well as creep behaviour.

Bunker Discharge Machine

Bunker discharge machines ensure reliable discharge of even difficult bulk materials from storage, stockpiles, bunkers and silos. They are suitable for materials such as limestone, marl, dolomite rock, natural & FGD Gypsum, coal, ores and additives in the cement, steel, smelting or power station industry.

  • Discharge of bulk materials with difficult flow properties
  • Electric control
  • Movement in discharge channel possible in both travel directions
  • Logarithmically shaped discharge arms for consistent discharge
  • Configuration according to specific requirements
  • Block-design model for dual-sided discharge
  • Flat-design model for single-sided discharge (slewable on both sides)
  • Overdrive for traction drive
  • Positioning on the belt conveyor structure
  • Preselection of certain sections possible (slewable version)
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Dosed discharge possible (Frequency converter for capacity regulation)

Circular Bunker Discharge Machine

The circular bunker discharge machine was specially developed for large discharge outlets and silos of 6 to 14m diameter. A typical application is the discharge of FGD gypsum in coal-fired power stations.

  • First-in-First-out concept
  • 100% live capacity (mass flow)
  • Simultaneous feed and extraction
  • Silo and discharge opening – diameter 6-14m


Circular Bunker Discharge Machine

Conveying Capacity (selection)

Ø Discharge wheel (mm) Slot height (mm) Penetration depth (mm) Capacity (m³/h)
3000-5000 300-500 700-1000 1130-2900
peripheral speed: 3m/s


The silo discharge device Rotor plays out its strength above all in the sphere of difficult bulk materials such as FGD gypsum. With bell shaped silos it permits a silo life of 8 to 14 days.

  • First-in-First-out concept
  • 100% live capacity (mass flow)
  • Consistent lowering of the entire bunker content
  • No segregation or bridge formation
  • Silo diameter over 8m permits lower build height
(at constant volume)
  • Discharge capacities up to 1,800m3/h
  • Modular construction for low erection costs
  • Flexible drive technology
  • Discharge arm with autogenous holding down device
  • Discharge arm with material-matched claddings/coatings
  • Logarithmically shaped discharge arm for low wear and energy consumption
  • Discharge arm with double function: Undercuttung of the material column and discharge via an internally fixed sliding plate



CENTREX® is ideally suited to discharge from silos or vessels which store sticky material with difficult flow properties. A logarithmically shaped discharge arm moves the material to the central discharge outlet. It extracts the material from underneath the full bulk material column (with simultaneous undercutting of the silo external wall), to avoid bulk material build-up and deactivated zones.

  • First-in-First-out concept
  • 100% live capacity (mass flow)
  • Consistent lowering of the entire bunker conent
  • No segregation or bridge formation
  • Silo diameter up to 8 m
  • Logrithmically shaped, sheathed discharge arm
  • Hydraulic or frequency controlled drive unit




The CENTREX® CTX-IV is characterised by its internal drive which is accommodate in an inner cone. Radially configured support arms connect it with the silo wall. Their roof-shaped deflector plates prevent undesired material build-up. At the same time they allow access to the inner cone thanks to its box-section construction. Normally at least one of the three support arms is so arranged that easy access to the drive unit is guaranteed.



The CENTREX® CTX-AV has an external drive and the inner cone is stationary. The drive is located externally.


The CENTREX® CTX-AFD with external drive and rotating inner cone is the version for particularly difficult bulk materials. In this version the inner cone, the discharge arm and the rotating chute are one rotating unit.


The MOLEX® discharge system is a residue-free emptying system which prepares consistent clinker blends and a high storage volume.

  • Higher active storage volume in circular storages and large capacity silos
  • Clinker discharge of up to 97 per cent
  • Use of a blend of old and fresh clinker
  • Use of a blend of fine and coarse particle
  • Low investment and operational costs through reduction of only one discharge channel and reduced use of conveyors and silo discharge units


Silo Discharge Gate

With more than 1,500 installations worldwide silo discharge is the AUMUND standard element for dosed emptying of clinker silos. They ensure effective environmental conservation through significant reduction in dust exposure.

  • No free fall of the clinker onto the conveyor
  • Low throughput speed – corresponding to the discharge speed of the pan conveyor – effectively avoids dust generation (gravity principle)
  • Layer height limiter for constant discharge capacity
  • Control of the conveyed volume by adapting the discharge speed of the
deep drawn pan conveyor or through adjustment of the layer height limitation
  • Simple, reliable concept
  • Discharge capacities of more than 1,000t/h in one line


Silo Discharge Gate